Frozen vegetables not only do not have any food additives, but also retain the original nutrition of vegetables, and are convenient to eat, safe and hygienic. The most important thing is that frozen vegetables are available in all seasons regardless of season, and are favored by a large number of consumers. Quick-frozen vegetables have expanded from traditional leaves to 7 types of roots, solanaceous fruits, and edible fungi, enriching the types of frozen vegetables in the current market. Compared with fresh vegetables, quick-frozen vegetables have more advantages, and are suitable for catering enterprises and office workers. The profits obtained from export are also higher than domestic ones. The frozen vegetable processing plant business has a very good prospect.

The so-called quick-frozen vegetables are carrots, radishes, corn, cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes and other fresh vegetables, which are processed by washing, slicing, sterilization, dehydration, testing, freezing, packaging, refrigeration and other procedures, and then begin to flow to domestic and foreign markets .

Studies have shown that the vitamin C and vitamin B contained in frozen vegetables are much higher than that of fresh vegetables, because in the fresh state, the longer the time, the more nutrients and water will be lost; frozen vegetables have been processed, which can greatly save cooking time, which is very It is convenient and suitable for catering enterprises and office workers; frozen vegetables are generally processed in the harvest season, with good quality and low cost.


The general technological process of quick-frozen vegetables is: raw material-grading-cooling-cleaning-pretreatment-blanching-cooling-draining-quick freezing-packaging-frozen storage

Frozen vegetables are favored by the market due to their rich nutrition, no seasonal restrictions, no use of any additives, and convenient processing. The market prospect is immeasurable. Only by strengthening industrial research and development and developing more categories and higher quality quick-frozen vegetables will the market continue to expand and be accepted by more and more consumers.

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