Frozen shrimp is one of the exports of aquatic products, but in order to facilitate storage and transportation, shrimp is generally frozen. The frozen shrimp can be directly sold to major supermarkets, or can be stored by itself for additional processing. Do you know what is the iqf process for shrimp?

Process flow: Shrimp raw material→washing→water control→weighing→soaking medicine→water control→boxing→freezing→refrigeration.

iqf shrimp processing

Key points of process operation

1. Washing: Carefully wash the sorted headed shrimp raw materials with clean fresh water, and ensure that the final water is clean. If it is processed in a factory, it needs to be cleaned by a shrimp cleaning machine, which can save labor waste.
2. Water control: Put the washed shrimp body into a clean sieve tray to control water for 5 minutes.
3. Weighing: Weigh according to the specifications of headed shrimp, and separate out various specifications.
4. Packing: according to the packaging specifications of the headed prawns, put the prawns into a special small paper box with plastic paper inside, fold up the plastic paper after loading the prawns, cover the prawns, and then close the lid . Freezing: The boxed prawns are immediately sent to the emergency freezer and frozen to a central temperature below -18°C.
5. Packing: Put the small box of shrimp into a large carton, and mark the product name, specification, weight, exporting country and company name, place of origin, and batch number on the outside of the box. Then put them in a freezer below -20°C.

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