Due to the high content of water and mucopolysaccharides in okra, it is prone to spoilage. Therefore, okra is frozen by freezing, which neither destroys the tissue structure nor changes the nutrients, inhibits the harmful effects of microorganisms and biological enzymes, and maximizes its freshness and nutrients. So how do you freeze okra?


Okra frozen processing technology:

1. Process flow:

Okra selection→washing→blanching→cooling→air-drying and draining→quick freezing→vacuum packing

2. Process flow description:

(1) Selection: Select the tender okra fruit with a length of 10-15cm without pests and mechanical damage as the raw material;

(2) blanching: blanching okra tender fruit in water or steam at 80-100℃ for 2-10min

(3) Cooling: Put the blanched okra into the cooling pool and cool it down

(4) Air-drying and draining: the cooled okra enters the water-draining and air-drying line, air-dried and dried, and then enters the quick-freezer

(5) Quick freezing: Put the sliced okra in -18~-50℃ for quick freezing for 10~24h;

(6) Vacuum packaging: quick-frozen okra packaged products

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