IQF vegetables are a kind of frozen food. It is a small packaged food made by processing fresh vegetables such as peppers, red cloth, beans, and cucumbers at the lowest temperature and the fastest speed. The inside of the frozen vegetable tissue will not be damaged, and the original umami and color can be restored after heating. IQF vegetables are the most common way of processing vegetables, the following article is about iqf vegetables.

Types of IQF Vegetables

Common IQF vegetables include: broccoli, beans, peas, carrots, chips, corn, okra, peppers, onions, and more.

IQF processing technology

After a series of pretreatment, cleaning, cleaning, blanching, and finally entering the IQF freezer for quick freezing.

IQF vegetable

How about IQF vegetables?

1. There is a lot of sediment on the surface of fresh vegetables and quick-frozen fruits and vegetables. Since quick-freezing does not require cleaning, cleaning before processing is a very necessary link.
2. Cut the vegetables into evenly sized vegetables, and then cut into cubes, cubes or cut them. Depends on demand.
3. Blanch the vegetables before freezing. The general blanching temperature is 9C, and the blanching time is determined according to the grid.
4. After the vegetables are sliced ​​and washed, no matter whether the vegetables are blanched or not, there will generally be a little moisture on the surface. If the moisture remains in the vegetables, a knot will form during freezing, which will not only affect the quick freezing of the vegetables, but will also cause It will affect the packaging after freezing. It must be drained before quick freezing. The method of watering quick-frozen vegetables is to put vegetables in bamboo baskets and place them on a pendulum or rack so that the vegetables can be drained naturally. Use a vibrating screen or a centrifugal dryer to drain. Dried vegetables.
5. IQF quick-freezing must quickly freeze the drained vegetables so that the vegetables can form ice in the shortest time, so as to ensure the quality of the quick-frozen vegetables. Vegetables can only be frozen to ensure that the water in the tissue will not cause damage to the vegetable cells and tissues. Often, the skins and other correspondingly treated vegetables are frozen at a temperature below -30°C in the shortest time, and then packaged and finally stored.
6. For quick-frozen vegetables, packaging is an important condition for their proper storage. The main functions of packaging are: to avoid re-contamination of products and to store quick-frozen vegetables. The containers for packaging are generally inner bags and cartons. Frozen vegetables must be stored in a suitable environment after being packaged.

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