Carrot is an essential food in our daily life. It contains a lot of vitamins and carotene. It is usually processed into diced carrots and eaten in salads, or processed into carrot juice. However, since carrots are harvested in seasons, in order to have them for a long time, they need to be stored. The skin of carrot fleshy roots has poor water retention capacity and is easy to lose water, which affects its freshness.

Therefore, frozen carrots are the mainstream of processing. It can maintain the original bioactive components for a long time, keep the flavor and quality unchanged, facilitate storage and transportation, and improve economic benefits. In this process, there is no chemical processing, and the frozen carrot processing line is used to process the carrots in the steps of cleaning, cutting, blanching, freezing, and packaging. This article provides a detailed introduction to frozen carrots.


The specific processing steps of carrots in the factory using carrot processing lines

1. Acceptance of raw materials: carrots require the use of carrots with bright red color, smooth surface and no spots.
2. Cleaning: Remove the soil, sand, a large number of microorganisms and pesticide residues on the carrot surface, and at the same time replace the cleaning water in time to keep it clean.
3. Finishing: Cut off the carrot head and fibrous roots on the surface.
4. Peel: Use a carrot peeler to wash and peel the carrots.
5. Cutting: Generally, it can be cut into different shapes according to international market sales habits or customer requirements. The slice size is: the thickness is generally about 0.3cm, and the diameter is about 3cm (round).
6. Blanching: Put the cut carrot slices into the blanching machine, adjust the blanching temperature, inactivate the enzyme activity in the tissue, kill some microorganisms, and remove part of the gas and moisture in the tissue.
7. Cooling: Immediately after blanching, it is cooled in sections to reduce the damage to the quality and nutrition of raw materials caused by waste heat effect.
8. Quick freezing: Put the bulk raw materials into the freezing tray or directly spread on the conveyor belt, quick freezing with liquid nitrogen, the freezing temperature is -25 to -35, the thickness is 5-7.5 cm, and the freezing time is 10-30 minutes.
9 Packaging: In order to prevent frozen products from dehydration, drying, wilting and oxidative discoloration during refrigeration, frozen raw materials should be packaged immediately. Generally, 0.06-0.08mm polyethylene film bags are used, and the packaging capacity of each bag is 500g.

The above is the main processing flow and steps of frozen carrots, do you understand? Do you want to start a related business? If you are interested, you can contact us. We are a manufacturer of frozen carrot processing lines, which can provide carrot processing solutions. Please contact us for consultation.