Peas are often eaten in salads, and during off-season pea production, peas are often frozen for processing. Because it can keep the nutrients of the peas from being lost, it can restore the original color and smell after heating. Therefore, frozen peas have become the mainstream of pea frozen peas are made for pea processing?


The IQF green peas processing line  is generally used in the processing of frozen peas. The specific processing flow is as follows:

(1) Process flow

Raw material acceptance → bean peeling → grading → brine soaking → rinsing → bean picking → blanching → cooling → draining → freezing → packaging → freezing storage.

(2) Specific steps

  • Raw material requirements: white flower varieties are selected, and the peas are required to be tender, plump, uniform, bright green, and consistent in color. The processing maturity should be selected at the milk maturity stage, too late or too early will affect the quality.
  • Peeling peas: manual or machine peeling, mechanical damage should be avoided as much as possible.
  • Grading: The beans after the pod are divided into various specifications according to their diameters. Do not confuse with sieve classification according to product standards.
  • Soak in salt water: Soak peas in 2% salt water for about 30 minutes, which can not only remove insects, but also separate old and cooked beans. First, take out the floating peas, and deal with the sinking old ripe beans as defective products. Rinse the soaked peas with running water.
  • Picking peas: Pour the flotation-rinsed beans on the workbench, and remove the discolored beans such as pinto beans, yellow-white beans, brown beans and other beans with abnormal color. Beans with cracks and pests on the surface should also be removed, and impurities such as broken pods and grass clippings should also be removed.
  • Blanching: blanching in boiling water for 1.5-3 minutes, stirring properly and heating evenly. The blanching time depends on the size and maturity of the beans. The quality and quantity should be tasted without beany flavor.
  • Cooling and draining: Immediately pour the cooled peas into cold water or ice water to cool, and stir slowly to accelerate the cooling. After cooling, remove and drain.
  • Freezing: The blanched peas are processed using the IQF freezer.
  • Packaging and frozen storage: Packed according to various specifications after freezing. The specifications should be indicated in cartons and plastic bags, and then frozen.

Did the above processing steps for frozen peas help you? You can contact us if you want to start a frozen pea processing business. The IQF quick-frozen pea production line developed by our company can maintain the original flavor, color and nutritional content of peas, prolong the storage time of mangoes, facilitate long-distance transportation, and reduce labor costs and logistics costs. If you are interested, you can leave us a message and we will provide you with quick-frozen pea solutions to take your business to the next level!