In our daily life, we often refer to the words frozen or quick-frozen, generally speaking of frozen vegetables and quick-frozen meat. In fact, there is a big difference between freezing and quick freezing. The biggest difference is that the temperature is different. In addition, the objects to be processed are also different, and the effects are actually different. This article is about the difference between iqf and frozen.

1.frozen: generally refers to putting food into the freezing area of ​​the refrigerator to freeze in daily life. Because the temperature drops slowly, the water in the food will form large ice crystals, which will destroy the cellular structure of the food, resulting in loss of nutrients and poor taste.

iqf freezer: Quickly reduce the temperature of food to well below the freezing point of water (usually below -18°C). Due to the rapid cooling rate, the water in the food will enter a “supercooled” state, and the “ice crystals” formed at this time are very small, so small that they will not seriously damage the food cells, and can preserve the nutrition and taste of the food to the greatest extent. Moreover, the low temperature can limit the activity of microorganisms, so that the quick-frozen food is not easy to spoil and deteriorate, so that it can be stored for a long time.

What is the difference between IQF and frozen
2. Different temperature
iqf freezer: The temperature of quick freezing food is minus 18 degrees to minus 20 degrees.
frozen: The temperature of frozen food is minus 4 to 8 degrees below zero.
3. Save the object differently
iqf freezer: Quick-freezing is generally used to preserve cold drinks and meat for long-term use.
frozen: Freezing is generally used to preserve vegetables and fruits, beer drinks and the like.

4. Different functions
iqf freezer: The effect of quick freezing is that due to the lower temperature, most bacteria are inhibited, thus preserving food for longer.
frozen: The function of freezing is not to freeze the food but also to preserve the freshness.

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