Carrots are rich in nutrients and contain a lot of carotene, vitamin B, vitamin C and various inorganic salts. They have the effects of entering the lungs, invigorating the spleen, eliminating stagnation, detoxifying, and erupting rashes. In particular, their anticancer effects double their value. Carrot is one of the important vegetables for autumn storage because of its wide source of raw materials, low cost and high vegetable cleaning rate. Therefore, in order to be able to supply carrots for a long time, many carrot merchants choose to freeze carrots to ensure that the nutrition of carrots is not lost. So, how are frozen carrots diced process? This article will introduce in detail.

Frozen Carrot Processing Technology

Raw materials, acceptance, cleaning, sorting, peeling, cutting, sorting, blanching, cooling, draining, quick freezing, packaging, refrigeration.

Key Points of Frozen Carrot Processing

1. Raw material acceptance: Carrots are required to use bright red color, smooth surface, flat shape, tender meat, small pith, uniform size, no pests, no damage, no rot, no color spots, normal root shape, and fully mature raw materials.

2. Cleaning: The carrot cleaning machine can remove soil, sand, a large number of microorganisms and pesticide residues on the carrot surface,

3. Finishing: Cut off the carrot head and the fibrous roots on the surface.

4. Peeling: Peel the carrots by hand or with a carrot peeling machine, and clean the surface and inedible parts.

5. Cutting: Generally, it can be cut into different shapes according to international market sales habits or customer requirements. Slicing size is: thickness is generally about 0.3cm, diameter is about 3cm (round); cutting specification: 0.8-1cm cube or orange petal; cutting specification: 0.2cm thick, 3-4cm long filament.

6. Selection: Screening method can be used. The raw materials cut into squares, thin slices and silks are graded, and the raw materials of the same specification and size are screened together, and then divided into different grades according to actual needs, so that the raw materials of different grades can be quickly frozen in batches.

7. Blanching: put the sliced carrots into a basket, and blanching them in boiling water with a pH of 6.5-7 for 1.5-2 minutes to inactivate the enzyme activity in the tissue, kill some microorganisms, and remove the Some gas and moisture. To prevent excessive and insufficient blanching, stir continuously during blanching to prevent oxidative discoloration of the product.

8. Cooling: Immediately cool in sections after blanching to reduce the damage of waste heat to the quality and nutrition of raw materials.

9. Drainage: Use a medium-speed centrifuge or a vibrating screen to drain excess water from the surface. The speed of the centrifuge is 2000 rpm, and the drainage time is 10-15 minutes.


10. Quick-freezing: Put the bulk raw materials into the freezing tray or spread them directly on the conveyor belt, and quickly freeze them with liquid nitrogen. The freezing temperature is -25 to -35, the thickness is 5-7.5 cm, and the freezing time is 10-30 minutes.

11. Packaging: In order to prevent dehydration, drying, wilting and oxidative discoloration of frozen products during refrigeration, frozen raw materials should be packaged immediately. Generally, 0.06-0.08mm polyethylene film bags are used, and the packaging capacity of each bag is 500g.

12. Refrigeration: Quick-frozen packaged products are immediately stored in a cold storage at -18 to -21, the relative humidity is 95, and the storage temperature fluctuates by 1 to avoid recrystallization and water evaporation. The general safe storage period is 12-15 months, and it can be sold fresh at any time.

Frozen carrots have a good prospect. The current fresh carrots can no longer meet the needs of contemporary people, and ready-to-eat diced carrots will be the hot-selling products in the future. So, what are you waiting for for carrot processing, contact us now, we will customize frozen carrot processing solutions for you, and start your carrot processing business as soon as possible.